The purpose of the Network is to connect and align statewide sustainability programs, enable its members to share resources and best practices, foster the success of local sustainability initiatives, and collaborate on projects that advance our shared goals. The long-term vision of the network is to build a future where sustainability is the norm for every community. All of our network members focus on local governments as the primary change agent for sustainable development progress.

How we help our members

As a peer learning network focused on making sustainability the norm, members focus on:

  • Professional development through peer learning and networking
  • Collaborating on shared products and program impact and evaluation tools
  • Developing national standards and demonstrating collective impact
  • Facilitating regional-level coordination on sustainability program areas
  • Developing new areas of sustainable development practice
  • Creating visibility and a shared voice for the value of municipally focused work and impact
  • Educating funders and national policymakers

In turn, the 13 member organizations are able to offer more effective programming for the municipalities in their individual state programs.

Network Development

Initiated in 2015, the National Network of Statewide Local-Sustainability Programs is composed of representatives from across the United States engaged in statewide sustainability programs targeted at the local level. Entirely member-driven, in its first year the Network established a shared mission, vision, and decision-making framework in order to grow and advance common objectives and support the individual organizations.

To date, the Network has generously been supported by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, the Johnson Foundation, and Gerald and Janet Carrus Foundation.

The Network has held two face to face convening’s, one at Rutgers University in New Jersey and another at the Johnson Foundation’s Wingspread Conference Center located in Wisconsin. A third convening is planned for December of 2017.