Steering Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Jessica LeClair, Connecticut Clean Energy Communities; Brandy Espinola, Sustainable Maryland
  • Work-to-date:  Supported the preparation of the Statewide Change, One Community at a Time: A Comparative Study of Collaborative State-Local Sustainability Programs[link to] . The Steering Committee organized three annual Network convenings, secured foundation funding for network support and annual membership peer learning meeting, and recruited and hired the first part time network coordinator. 

Shared Energy Data Infrastructure Work Group

  • Co-Chairs: Brian Ross, Minnesota GreenStep Cities; Randy Solomon, Sustainable Jersey
  • Work-to-date: In 2015 this work group collaboratively won a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s State Energy Program to support the creation of a shared energy data network platform  with NY State Energy and Research Development Agency( NYSERDA) taking the lead.  In 2017 the group will expand to include more states and continue to complete the work of the grant. Through this grant, network members will create a product roadmap for an online energy data platform by advancing three key goals: 1) Create a framework for a shared energy data platform that eases collection, use, and sharing of data, 2) Identify common metrics to compare across many local governments of various sizes and 3) Identify funding or other means to build the platform.

Federal/State Partnerships Work Group

  • Co-Chairs: Philipp Muessig, Minnesota GreenStep Cities; Jim Price, Sustainable Pennsylvania
  • Work-to-date: This group is discussing strategies to influence state and federal partners on behalf of statewide local sustainability programs. A joint trip to Washington D.C. is contemplated in conjunction with the 2017 Annual Meeting. This group also created the network website which serves as our external communication tool. 

Equity Peer Learning Work Group

  • Co-Chairs: Melanie McDermott, Sustainable Jersey; Dave Norwood, Michigan Green Communities
  • Work-to-date: To expand individual expertise and awareness of Equity in Sustainability through peer learning and training a subcommittee completed the Urban Sustainability Directors Networks, Equity in Sustainability training modules to explore how equity in sustainability could be integrated or embedded into program platforms as well at the project level in communities. Through bi-monthly calls members learn about national and regional equity and racial equity initiatives and programs from across the US.  Efforts are underway to collect and share the stories from around the country of instances where equity in sustainability has been embedded in practice, programs, policies or projects in order to better understand how to advocate for the equity pillar and understand the possible impact of statewide programs.

10,000 Resilient Cities

  • Chair: Lola Schoenrich, Minnesota GreenStep Cities
  • Work-to-date: This group is exploring methods and tools needed to build climate resilience in major metropolitan areas and smaller-medium sized metropolitan areas. The committee is seeing funding to support a three stage project to support resilience efforts at scale across the 12-state National Network of Statewide Local Sustainability Programs. This project will identify and develop tools and data required to define local vulnerabilities to climate change now and in future conditions and the best practices across our programs for driving local change at scale. Network states will then incorporate these tools, data, and best practices into their existing state programs in order to facilitate resilience planning and resilience action implementation broadly. Finally, Network states’ staff will be trained in the use and interpretation of the tools/data in order to best assist participating local communities in their use.